Current Book Project

Utopias in the Anthropocene (Working Title)

My current book project contributes to the recovery of utopian thinking and acting by analysing a major global challenge: climate change. Its key assumption is that tackling such a complex problem inevitably gives rise to utopian thinking and acting. My aim is to track utopianism in three domains – political theory, art and social movements – so as to pursue two objectives: (1) to excavate the main eutopian and dystopian tendencies in contemporary discussions about climate change; and (2) to work towards a political theory of radical transformation that avoids the pitfalls of fatalism and wishful thinking. My methodology will be grounded in political theory, but is transdisciplinary in orientation.

To get a sense of how I approach the broad topic of utopianism, have a look at my recent journal papers in Perspectives on Politics, Constellations and Political Theory.