Current Book Project

Utopias in the Anthropocene (Working Title)

My current book project, under contract with Cambridge University Press, contributes to the recovery of utopianism (broadly understood here as encompassing but eu-topian and dys-topian dimensions) by analyzing a major global challenge: climate change. Its key assumption is that tackling such a complex problem inevitably gives rise to utopian thought and practice. My objective is to track utopianism in two domains – political and social theory as well as narrative art – so as to pursue two objectives: (1) to uncover the key eutopian and dystopian tendencies in contemporary debates around the Anthropocene; and (2), to provide orientation for our planetary future on the basis of which a political theory of radical transformation, avoiding both fatalism and wishful thinking, can emerge. The book’s methodology is grounded in political theory but interdisciplinary in its outlook, engaging with insights from utopian studies and the environmental humanities.

To get a sense of how I approach the broad topic of utopianism, take a look at my recent journal papers in Perspectives on Politics, Constellations and Political Theory.